How to see different faces everywhere?

It’s a bit intriguing, I don’t know if you’ve noticed that by nature we try to shape a facial face to any object, even clouds or bushes. I don’t know if this has happened to you? but if you’ve experienced it quiet it’s nothing out of the ordinary or extraordinary.

This phenomenon is called Pareidolia de Rostro let’s see the video below to have a little more context

So Pareidolia is the phenomenon by which random external stimuli trigger perceptions of entities that do not really exist, they can appear anywhere where we can identify structures similar to human faces from the most microscopic to galactic structures.

We can say that it doesn’t hurt that the basic pattern of features that define a face like eyes, nose, mouth is something that our brain is particularly used to and it is likely that this familiarity draws us to objects that are recognized as Pareidolia.

What good is Pareidolia?

La percepción facial, no se trata solo de notar la presencia de una cara sino de reconocer quien es esa persona y leer la información de su rostro es decir si nos esta poniendo atención si esta feliz o molesto y esto es de suma importancia porque nos permite revelar las intenciones de quienes las usan.

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