Tracking down problem genes: The incredible search for culprits in our genetics

Hey, great guys and gals! Today we are going to talk about a super interesting topic: genes and how they affect our lives! It turns out that there is a group of very clever scientists from New York University and the New York Genome Center who have developed an approach called STING-seq to uncover the secrets hidden in our cells. Look, we all know that our genes have a lot to do with how we look and how we are, right? But it turns out that there is 98% of our genome that does not code for proteins and that is uncharted territory.

These scientists have used a combination of genetic studies, gene editing, and cell sequencing to solve this puzzle and discover which genetic variants cause different traits and diseases. Imagine, like in a detective game, these scientists use amazing techniques to track down those mischievous genes; They have found thousands of mutations or genetic variants related to diseases such as schizophrenia, diabetes and even high altitude. It’s like a genetic treasure hunt! But here comes the problem: many times these variants are very close to each other and get confused, like when you have a tangle of wires and you don’t know which is which and we don’t even know which gene actually affects the variant. Quite a mess, isn’t it!

But these scientists don’t give up easily. They have developed a new method called STING-seq, with this method they can look for those suspicious genetic variants and use gene editing to investigate what is going on. It’s like using molecular scissors to cut through DNA to find out which gene is causing the problem. And not only that! They have made a spectacular breakthrough in the treatment of a disease called sickle cell anemia. Using the combination of STING-seq and another cool technique called CRISPR, they have found a way to cure this disease. It’s like they’re solving a giant gene puzzle.

What’s exciting is that this new approach not only works for sickle cell anemia, but can help treat many other diseases as well. It’s like opening a door to a world of possibilities! So guys and gals, here’s the catch: These scientists are unraveling the mysteries of our genes so we can have more effective drugs and therapies. It is as if they were putting together a genetic map to cure diseases!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this exciting journey into the world of genes. Remember, although our genes give us some characteristics, they are not in complete control! We are all unique and special in our own way! See you in the next blog.

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