A new study could help unlock ‘breakthrough’ batteries for electric vehicles and aviation

Hello, guys and girls passionate about technology! I have some amazing news to share with you, it looks like electric car batteries are about to undergo an epic transformation, thanks to a bunch of brainiacs from Oxford University! Today, it is revealed how we can unlock “breakthrough” batteries for electric vehicles and aviation. It sounds like something incredibly futuristic, but trust me, it’s totally real!

Well, what exactly have they discovered? Scientists used high-tech imaging techniques to study lithium metal (long and loud name!) solid-state batteries. These batteries are different from traditional ones because they replace the flammable liquid that is inside normal batteries with a solid. What does this mean? More security for all of us!

Plus, solid-state batteries can store a lot more energy, which is great for electric vehicles. But, of course, like everything in life, there is a small problem, these batteries have something called “dendrites” that can cause short circuits when charged. It’s not as much fun as it sounds! But here comes the good news, the Oxford researchers put on their science caps and used a technique called X-ray computed tomography (yes, that sounds like something out of a high-tech lab) to see the dendrites in action. They found that the dendrites are formed when lithium accumulates in the pores of the battery, and when those pores are full, whoosh! Cracks and short circuits are formed.

Why is this important? Because now that they know how the problem occurs, they can look for solutions to avoid it, as one of the scientists says, you have to find the perfect balance to avoid too much pressure on the battery, since that can also be bad. It’s like when you try to fill a burger with too many fries – eventually it all falls apart!

But don’t worry, there is hope on the horizon! The project’s chief scientist is excited by the progress and hopes that this will bring us one step closer to practical and safe solid-state batteries. In fact, according to a recent report, these batteries could meet a large part of our energy needs by 2040. The future looks bright! In short, the geniuses at Oxford are pushing the limits of science to lead us to a more sustainable and exciting future. Not only will we be able to have electric cars with incredible range, but it could also usher in a new era in electric aviation. Imagine flying in a battery-powered aircraft!

Stay on top of scientific advances and don’t forget to dream big! See you in the next blog, where I will bring you more STEAM news that will blow your mind. See you next time, bright boys and girls!

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