Colonization on Mars

Oops! Today’s topic, how many times have we not asked ourselves the question in our heads, is there more life on other planets than Earth? Is it possible to survive on another planet? to extend the survival of humanity, because let’s face it, with what we are currently experiencing, overpopulation, misuse of resources such as water, electricity, vital resources for humanity, it does not give us a good prognosis, does it? 🙂

I have started to investigate a little the conditions of the planet Mars and it is not like there is much future, Mars contrary to what is thought by the red color one naturally socializes with heat but it is not cold more than the human body could tolerate reaching a minimum of – 87 degrees Celsius and this is because it is 52% farther from the sun than other planets as well as oxygen is clearly not pure but is carbon dioxide composed of 95% of the same highly toxic.

Do you think there is water on Mars? Well, if you are wondering, there is a lot of it, only that it is frozen and below the surface and then there is the fact that it is salty and because of the high contamination of the land, there can be no cultivation unless everything is in a controlled environment. In case you have not seen it, I recommend watching the movie starring Matt Damon “The Martian” which tells the story of an astronaut who by luck of life is left behind on Mars and people are struggling to rescue him and you can see what he has to live to survive while it is being analized if he can be rescued or left to abandonment.

Now ask the following questions and share

  • If you were to rule Mars, what would you do first?
  • What rules would you establish?
  • How would you make decisions?
  • What would you do if you had to face other living beings?

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