Actually, why do we study mathematics?

I don’t know if it has happened to you young people, especially if it is not a subject that you love, but I have asked myself the question: What good will it do me in life to learn about mathematics and its variety of topics? and it is surprising, but after doing a little research and applying it to day-to-day life, one can say that it has helped me in such basic matters as making decisions in everyday situations.

Let’s start with the importance of mathematics and why we are taught from such a young age in equations as simple as 2+2, but it helps us to be logical, to be able to reason in an orderly fashion and to be mentally prepared for critical and abstract thinking, and thus we are able to take actions that lead to the solution of problems we face every day.

Believe it or not, mathematics serves as a pattern to guide our lives and you may wonder how? well facing the logical and coherent reality, the search for accuracy of results, a clear understanding and expression through the use of symbols, capacity for abstraction, reasoning, generalization and the perception of creativity as a value and we can divide those values as:

  • Intelligence values considered as the desire to know, acquire knowledge, study, habits and intellectual work techniques to use information and decipher the accuracy or truth of situations.
  • Values of will considered as decision capacity, prudence, initiative, security and self-confidence.

So let’s not say more! we have to put effort to the subject! watch below a video that sums up the importance of mathematics

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