Express order, diagnostic tests on the way

Hey, curious people! I bring you the scientific gossip of the moment! The eggheads at McGill University came up with something that sounds like magic: a “lab on a chip” that you can 3D print in just 30 minutes! Yes, just like that, 30 minutes and you have your own pocket laboratory! Imagine mini hair chips, these gizmos are like science fiction laboratories, but beware, these are not like your boring computer microprocessors, they are single-use and don’t need to be plugged into anything, just a strip of paper. Yes, it’s easier than putting together a piece of furniture from IKEA.

The brains behind this, led by team leader Professor David Juncker, explain that these chips are like the cell phone for diagnostics. Forget about those old-fashioned diagnostics that need a thousand peripherals, these are the future and of course, in times of pandemic, where we all want a diagnosis at our doorstep, these chips are the answer. But don’t think that they only serve to measure the water level on the table. No, sir! They are also used to measure COVID-19 antibodies. Impressive, isn’t it?

Now, not everything is rosy. There are some challenges out there, such as approvals and getting the right materials, but don’t worry, the team is on it, trying to make their technology accessible to everyone. They are thinking of adapting it for 3D printers that we can all have at home. In short, this invention is not just a magic trick, it is a giant step towards speeding up diagnostics, improving patient care and entering a new era of testing that we can all enjoy, according to Professor Juncker, this not only empowers scientists, it also gives us all the power to create rapid solutions right at home! Let’s do science, folks!

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