These lollipops could ‘sweeten’ diagnostic tests for children and adults alike

Hey, friends! I bring you some very interesting and tasty news, it turns out that those palettes that we love so much could have a new purpose: to make diagnostic tests less invasive and more pleasant! Imagine that! Ingenious scientists found in a published study that a paddle-based saliva collection system can capture adult bacteria and remain stable for up to a year. And that’s not all! Study participants also preferred these paddles to conventional harvesting methods. Looks like sweetness is winning the battle!

You already know that we normally use throat swabs to collect samples for the diagnosis of various diseases, such as strep throat, but it turns out that now there is a less uncomfortable way to do it: with saliva! Technicians analyze the patient’s saliva using cool techniques like quantitative polymerase chain reaction, and here’s the exciting thing: some scientists realized that combining this “drool-rific” experience with the pleasure of enjoying a lollipop could make the much more enjoyable process. ¡Bueno, eso es un ganar-ganar!

A group of scientists developed a device called CandyCollect, which looks just like an ordinary lollipop, but with a twist! It has a spoon-shaped stick with a spiral-shaped groove at the top, this groove is covered with a special candy that allows saliva to flow into it while we enjoy the lollipop. What an ingenious idea!

The research team decided to test this device along with other conventional saliva collection methods on 28 adult volunteers. After using them and answering a few questions, they sent the devices back to the lab, the scientists analyzed the samples and found that whenever conventional methods detected bacteria, CandyCollect did too. 100% accuracy! In addition, the participants agreed that it was the “most hygienic” and “least disgusting” method. It’s great when science and pleasure come together!

But that’s not all, my friends, these devices have proven to remain effective even after a year of storage. Wait, one year?! Yes, that’s right, you could keep these samples for a long time without worrying. What an invention! Although more studies are still underway, this work demonstrates that the lollipop collection system is adaptable and highly appreciated, and best of all, it could inspire other scientists to develop more intuitive and convenient home testing methods. The future looks sweet, folks!

So there you have it, boys and girls. Popsicles are not only delicious, but they could also be our ally in diagnostic tests! Isn’t that cool? To take care of our teeth and enjoy the good news that science brings us!

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