internet censorship

Sometimes we wonder if censorship on the Internet is necessary and it is that in all countries it has been applied so that in a certain way language or content that is inappropriate for a more vulnerable public such as children can be restricted because let’s accept it, we are in the era of technology where Internet access is for everyone regardless of age.

So what kind of censorship exists? Are they reliable?

  • Blocking by IP addresses is done through the IP addresses, which, as you will know, are the identifiers of each device that connects to the Internet, that is, in a certain geographical area that has this type of blocking, access will be restricted to certain websites.
  • Blocking by DNS (Domain Name System) This is one of the weakest and is basically used to eliminate all kinds of pirate pages.
  • Blocking of URLs used to interfere with access to applications or digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This works like an automatic block on specific URLs but it can only be used by the person who has access to the device you want to block as well as the specific internet connection so this is one of the most complex and difficult to bypass.

But in reality, none of them is reliable because for each of them there is a solution to avoid them and still be able to access all kinds of content.

  • When we find ourselves with blocks due to IP addresses, this can be solved with the use of a tool like VPN that helps you create a new IP address indicating that you are not from the country where you reside and allows you to enter the website you want.
  • Now with DNS (Domain Name System) blocks the easy way around is to simply change the DNS you logged in with and you will immediately be allowed access to the website
  • And finally, with the URL blocking, it can be done by entering through the IP address of the portal, which you can consult by accessing the CMD (Command Shell) and writing the URL, so that later you can enter it in your preferred navigation bar and go directly to the site you want.

So you think you can actually censor the internet?

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